September 26 - October 1, 2022
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

2022 Grand Teton Fall
Landscape & Wildlife Photo Workshop

With Matt Suess September 26 - October 1, 2022

Fall in Grand Teton National Park is one of my favorite seasons there. Join me as we chase amazing light, photograph the fall colors, search for elk and moose, and have an incredible experience together improving your photography skills.

"Matt is a super nice guy, easy to get along with and excellent instructor. 

Knows the places, the cameras and how to make photos that are really creative. 

He is extremely knowledgeable and communicates well both in the artistry and technical realms, and should write a book on Photographing the Tetons."
Ramona B.
2019 Fall Grand Teton Photo Workshop Student

The Basics:


6 Days
Monday, September 26 - Saturday, October 1, 2022


Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

The closest airport is in Jackson, Wyoming.

Class Details 

Open to any skill level from beginner to professional. 

Limited to just 8 photographers.

We will be out shooting sunrises & sunsets while spending time looking for wildlife too.

I am an authorized CUA permit holder of the National Park Service and conduct my workshops based on the permit’s guidelines.

Would You Love to Chase Amazing Light and Improve Your Photography Skills in an Epic Location?

It is no secret that fall in Grand Teton National Park is one of my favorite seasons there. In fact this will be my 7th year teaching there during this beautiful & dramatic time of year. 

Since I first started teaching photo workshops in Grand Teton National Park back in 2015 (I have been photographing the park since 2012), I have led over 15 workshops and counting in the park!

The fall however is usually mine - and my students’ - favorite season to photograph and experience the majesty of the Tetons. In fact I’ve had some students take this same workshop a couple times, knowing that every day provides different photographic possibilities.
Fall in the Tetons should be on the bucket list of every photographer. With my extensive experience photographing the park I can help you bring home the photos you always dreamed about. You will be rewarded with an experience that not only helps you improve your photography but also provides lifetime memories in addition to friendships with your fellow students that can last years. 

During the late days of September and early days of October, when the fall colors are normally at their best, the potential for amazing light is also at its best. So many of my favorite photographs have come during this season!
My students and I over the years have experienced it all. From sunny days with temps in the upper 70’s and higher to waking up with fresh snow on the peaks and even parts of the valleys. Sometimes every day can be completely different regarding the light, providing you with tons of great photography potential.

One year in fact brief daily storms gave us a rainbow every day of the workshop!
Each year the conditions end up being different and unique. Some years the colors are off, or they are a little early, or a little late, or they are breathtaking. Mother Nature always mixes it up. 

But on average the dates for this workshop are usually when they are the best. Combined with my knowledge of the entire park, we will definitely come across some color even in those off years.

In addition to photographing the best light at sunrise and sunset, we will also be spending some time looking for moose, elk, bison, pronghorn, horses, deer, birds, and if we are lucky bears too! Don’t forget your long lens.

Class photo from my 2016 fall workshop.
I invite you to join me and the small group I am putting together to feel the magic of the Tetons in the fall and together share in that experience that my workshops provide. You will bring home with you the memories from an experience unlike any you’ve had before with a new group of friends you’re sure to stay in contact with.

Do not hesitate to register as this workshop usually sells out.

Keep scrolling through this page viewing the photographs. Imagine yourself in that spot with me this year during a once in a lifetime experience, and come join us there!!

Hi - I'm Matt Suess - and I'm Here to Help You!

Spend 6 days in the magnificent Grand Teton National Park with me photographing the amazing landscape and wildlife. I will be there to teach you all I know about photographing nature. The proper camera settings are essential to getting the right shot, and I will share with you my techniques for proper exposure. Composition is equally important and I will be working with you throughout the workshop enhancing and fine-tuning your composition skills.

This is a shooting-intensive photo workshop with both one-on-one and group instruction in the field. It is both a landscape and a wildlife photo workshop.


    🍂 An Amazing Location for Fall Foliage, Dramatic Light, as Well as Wildlife 🦌

Grand Teton National Park is one of the most beautiful and majestic landscapes in the world, with the Teton Range rising more than 7,000 feet above the valley. Located in northwestern Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park has some of the more dramatic scenery in the Rocky Mountains. It is sure to be an inspiration for any photographer looking to create beautiful images.

This workshop is scheduled for when it normally is near peak fall foliage at the Tetons. 

Aspens should be changing their color to a brilliant yellow and orange, snow could possibly return to the peaks of the Tetons (and maybe even at ground level if we are lucky), and animals will be on the move and more visible as they prepare for the winter.

I've spent years photographing the Tetons at this time of year, and the time I scheduled this workshop for usually provides us with the absolutely best color and best light!


  • How to Achieve Perfect Exposures By Understanding the Histogram
  • Finding the Best Composition & Framing
  • ​How to Choose the Correct Focal Length Lens for the Situation
  • ​How to Choose the Correct ISO, F-Stop, Shutter Speed and White Balance
  • ​Photographing Stitched Panoramas
  • ​Working a Scene to Create Numerous Photos & Compositions from One Location
  • ​Long Exposures up to 10 Minutes in the Daylight for Creative Cloud Effects
  • ​Techniques for Reducing Noise
  • ​Using Split-Neutral Density Filters to Control Exposures
  • ​Exposure Bracketing (HDR) During Tricky Lighting Situations
  • Proper Camera Settings for Landscape & Wildlife Photos
  • ​How to Work a Scene from Multiple Angles & Focal Lengths
  • ​How to Photograph the Obvious, and Especially the Not So Obvious
  • ​And Much, Much More!!
With a small class size of just 8 students there will be plenty of time to work with me on a one-on-one basis.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is designed for any skill level, yet a DSLR/Mirrorless or equivalent camera with interchangeable lenses AND a sturdy tripod are required, as well as a basic working knowledge of your camera.

Most students who take my workshops are beginners to advanced amateurs. My workshops are filled with hands-on instruction, demonstrations, and often a session or 2 in the field with my laptop going over some processing tips.

4 Unique Features of This Workshop

  Very Small Class Size: Only 8 Students! Some photo workshops allow as many as 12 students, but this workshop is limited to just 8. This means more one-on-one time with me and less distractions from a large group.
  It's All About the Light & Location: We will be going to some popular iconic locations but also many less known but stunning locations that I have found with my years of experience photographing in Grand Teton National Park.
  Special Group Study: This workshop features 3 Unique Focus Areas: Technique, Composition, and Personal Style. With such a small group I will be able to work with you individually to help you begin to develop or to refine your own personal style, which will be accomplished through the use of various camera techniques, composition, & post processing.
  Landscape & Wildlife: During this workshop we will spend time photographing both the stunning landscape while also looking for various wildlife in the park such as moose, elk, deer, pronghorn, bison, birds and more.

     $1,146 In BONUSES Included

These Bonuses are Unique to My Workshops.

You will not find another instructor providing so much extra value to move you forward with your photography!!

Bonus #1

  • 1.5hr LIVE Online Group Welcome Party: Approx. 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the workshop we will all meet online for a welcome party. I'll cover where we will be going, discuss safety, show you some photos of what to expect, discuss what to bring, and will go over some basic camera settings. Bring your questions and meet your fellow workshop students in this informal social gathering. ($175 Value)

Bonus #2

  • What to Do With These Photos! You will get access to my mini course on organizing your photos, captioning, adding keywords, and storing your photos. ($37 Value)

Bonus #3

  • ​How to Post Process Your Tetons Images: An online course teaching you my secrets to post processing fall photos from the Tetons. ($197 Value)

Bonus #4

  • 1.5hr LIVE Online Group Review and Q&A: Approx. 2-3 weeks following the workshop we will all meet online again. I know that a few weeks following a workshop, a bunch of questions come up from what was learned (and sometimes forgotten). Most other workshops, once you leave that final day, you are on your own. This isn't the case here! Use this as your opportunity to get all of those questions that come up following a workshop answered, get feedback on your photos, and connect with your fellow students once again. ($175 Value)

Bonus #5

  • ​Special $175 Savings on Your Next Workshop: You will receive a Special Alumni Credit that can be applied to any future field workshop that starts within 2 years of this workshop's start date. ($175 Value)

Bonus #6

  • ​Special 15% off NiSi Filters: You will receive a Special Workshop Student Discount of 15% off your first order of NiSi Filters. ($155 Value on Average)

Bonus #7

  • ​Special Savings on Fotopro Tripods: You will receive a Special Workshop Student Discount towards your purchase of a Fotopro Tripod. ($135 Value on Average)

Bonus #8

  • ​Access to a Private Online Portal: You will receive access to a special private online community portal where you can get to know your fellow students, share photos from the workshop, get up-to-date workshop info, and watch the bonus videos. ($97 Value)

Each BONUS is specifically designed to help you with your photography journey beyond the short time we are all together in-person.

     Total Value In BONUSES: $1,146

"The hands on and supportive teaching made for a great experience.
I loved that we had a small group so that we got lots of one on one teaching.

It was a nice balance of the iconic views and some places that are less commonly photographed.

I’m glad that we got to do so much every day. I was exhausted but I wouldn’t change it.

Thanks for taking the time to teach us to be better photographers!"
Sharon M.
2019 Fall Grand Teton Photo Workshop Student


We will be at our locations photographing just before sunrise and ending our day just after sunset. During mid day when the light isn’t great we will be taking a break for a few hours to recharge batteries, download images, and rest up for the evening sessions. 

However we are ultimately at the mercy of Mother Nature and I will be diligently studying weather forecasts during our time together with the numerous weather resources I always use when planning for the best light. So our day-to-day schedule is absolutely always subject to change immensely based on the light/photography potential on any given day. There have been numerous times on other workshops where we ended up not taking the scheduled mid-day break to instead chase the light. And our efforts were always rewarded with amazing photographs...

So in other words, be prepared for the unexpected!

Monday Evening September 26, 2022

Be sure to arrive at your hotel and check-in before 4pm. We will be headed out for our evening shoot after 5pm and photograph through sunset. 

Tuesday - Friday

Plan on meeting at approx. 5:30AM well before sunrise (sunrise is at approx. 7:16AM). Depending on the light, most days will end at approx. noon, with a break throughout the afternoon before we meet again a few hours before sunset. 

But if the light is great we will stay out all day! 

Evening session will usually end up to 1hr after sunset depending on the light.

Saturday Morning October 1, 2022

Plan on meeting at approx. 5:30AM well before sunrise. Workshop will end at 10am. 

If flying out of Jackson that day, try to plan for flights after 1:00PM to allow time for hotel checkout and car rental return.
"As with any outside landscape/wildlife workshop, a lot depends on the weather, animal behavior/time of year and other factors (crowds) that the workshop has little control over. 

However, when circumstances weren't 'great' for where we were and what we were trying to do, you always brought up the concept of looking for something else to work on while at the location. 

And many times, just plain patience was all that was needed to bring in that 'AHHHH' moment.

I think the way you handled the workshop was as near perfect as any student could ask for."
Harley M.
2019 Fall Grand Teton Photo Workshop Student


What is Not Included

Lodging, transportation, food, and park passes are not included in this workshop and are the responsibility of each student. 

Where to Stay

Following your registration you will be emailed hotel information on where I am staying. Hotel rates in Jackson can be quite pricey, but I have found a comfortable, clean, safe & convenient hotel that I've been staying at lately that offers the most affordable rates in Jackson.

If you have any hotel questions prior to registering, feel free to contact me before you register.

If traveling by RV your 2 best bets are at Virginian Lodge RV Park or Gros Ventre Campground.
ALSO super important - make sure the place you make your reservation gives you the ability to cancel within a few days of your arrival. If you are flying to Jackson, check with your airline regarding their specific cancellation policy. This is especially important in this time of COVID where things can get shut down pretty quickly.

What Airport and When to Arrive

You will want to arrive and checkin to your hotel before 4pm on Monday, September 26, 2022.

The closest airport is Jackson Hole Airport at the base of the Tetons.

Other airports could include Salt Lake City, UT or Bozeman, MT but be advised you will have a 5hr or so drive to the Tetons.

Carpooling & Covid

For this workshop carpooling is mandatory - let me know if you want to possibly be one of the drivers.

We will follow all current at the time of this workshop local regulations regarding covid. If you have specific requirements or questions/concerns regarding covid and carpooling don't hesitate to reach out to discuss any other options.

What to Bring

A complete list of What to Bring will be provided. This list will mention required and suggested items regarding camera equipment and clothing.

Keep in mind that this workshop takes place in the fall when the weather can range from overnight lows in the mid 20's F to daytime temps anywhere from the 30's to 60s F on average. Rain is always a possibility along with the chance for snow.

Terms & Cancellation Policy

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. 

Tuition does not include park admission which is paid at a ranger station upon entering the park and good for 7 days. 

Hotel / lodging, meals, car rental, any needed gear or equipment rentals, etc. are not included and is the student’s responsibility. 

All workshop tuition fees are non-refundable. I understand, however, that emergencies do come up at the last moment that could effect your participation. Should you need to cancel, I can transfer the fees you paid towards another one of my other photo workshops that still has open seats left. Note that there is a $250 administrative fee to do this, and you must sign up for one of my workshops that occur within 1 year of the workshop you cancel.

If the workshop you are transferring to is more than your original amount paid, the remaining balance will be due to complete registration.

Register Here

This workshop usually sells out - do not hesitate to register!
Limited spots are still available.

Tuition Fees


  September 26 - October 1, 2022
  Limited to 8
  1-on-1 & Group Coaching From Matt Suess
  BONUSES Valued at $1,146
  Past Clients can contact me about any possible alumni discount, which will be applied to the remaining balance.

   Important Covid Information

Safety is always my #1 priority for everyone attending my workshops, and especially in regards to Covid. 

All current local guidelines regarding Covid and Grand Tetons National Park will be followed as per the condition of my permit to teach in the there.

Should this workshop get postponed due to covid, or you are not able to attend due to your own concerns over safety, any and all fees paid in advance will be transferred to a future workshop or coaching program of mine of your choice up to two years in the future at no additional charge. Full details can be found on my policy & cancellation page.

FAQ's Regarding My Tetons Fall Workshop

Here are a few answers to my most common questions regarding this workshop.

Is there a lot of walking/hiking during this workshop?
No there isn't. My permit from Grand Teton National Park only allows us to travel 1/2 mile along any trail so that would be the longest walk. There is also little to no elevation gain on any walks we will do.
Are there restrictions on participation?
My workshops do not normally entail strenuous activity unless specified. Nevertheless, participants must be able to complete moderate walks/hikes with their required photo gear, sometimes on uneven or slippery surfaces. If you have any health problems or physical limitations, please let me know prior to booking.
I am a pure beginner (or advanced) photographer. Is this workshop for me?
This workshop is open to all photography levels from beginner to advanced. I have had students who didn't know what an f-stop was and I have had those who are just about ready to or are already selling their own prints. Being a small class, I am able to work with each student individually no matter their experience level to help them improve and reach their individual goals.
What is your experience photographing in Grand Teton National Park?
I have been photographing the Tetons since 2012 and began teaching photo workshops there in 2015. Each year I usually teach at least 3 scheduled group workshops including a Milky Way workshop as well as a spring and fall workshop. As far as I can tell, no other instructor teaches more scheduled group photo workshops in the Tetons than myself.
I live just 4.5 hours away from the Tetons and often travel down there throughout the year for my own personal photos as well.
I know of numerous locations to bring my students depending on the time of day and the lighting conditions to maximize time in the field photographing.
Will we work on our computers and learn how to process our photos?
In normal years that answer would have been a yes. In the age of Covid, I have moved such sessions online with pre-recorded content as well as a live group Q&A following the workshop. In the event that Covid is not a concern then we will certainly devote some time to computer work during the workshop.
Is this primarily a landscape or wildlife workshop?
It is both. We will be chasing the best light for sunrise and sunset while also looking for and photographing the park's wildlife such as moose, elk, bison, deer, pronghorn, birds, and more.

General FAQ's Regarding My Photo Workshops & Tours

Here are a few answers to my most common questions regarding my photo workshops & tours.

What sets your workshops apart from other workshops?
I absolutely love teaching! I have over 30 years of experience making my career with my cameras and teaching & sharing my experiences along the way.
I am detail orientated and put the needs of my students first. I have extensive experience dealing with all types of situations and people and love answering all of my students' questions.
I have a unique photo background with experience creating and selling my work in such diverse fields as photojournalism, sports, portrait, wedding, editorial, and commercial photography. My specialty since 2006 has been fine art landscape photography.
I draw from all of those life experiences to provide you with whatever technical and artistic guidance you need. With my help, you will grow and expand your visual expression as well as your technical skills. In addition, I hope you have a great time in the process, immersing yourself in the total experience and sharing in my passion for photography.
Why should I attend one of your workshops?
I will teach you how to create inspiring and amazing fine art quality photographs. You will learn how to see more creatively and how to translate that vision into a final image that has emotional impact.
I make it easy to learn techniques and concepts that you will take with you every time you walk out the door with your camera. I have extensive experience shooting and selling my fine art photography as well as teaching the concepts of photography. I am a hands-on learner myself and teach using a hands-on approach that will give you the best opportunity to retain information and further your photography skills long after the workshop has concluded.
Lastly I love teaching small groups. Most of my workshops feature small sizes with up to 10 students on average. This allows for extremely low teacher to student ratios and provides valuable one-on-one opportunities to work with me during the workshop.
Can my spouse, relative, friend, pet, etc. attend any or all of the workshop?
Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, I have a no tag-along policy. Spouses, family members, friends, etc. who are traveling with you and who haven’t registered are unable to partake in any group functions. Workshops are also not a location for pets and as such are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs. If a spouse or friend wants to attend they will need to register.
Do you photograph during field workshops?
Yes I do on occasion and only when the light is amazing or when I need to photograph certain subjects for later classroom use. When I do photograph along with my students, the goal is to inspire them to learn to see an image the way I do. It can be extremely valuable watching me work a scene. Rest assured however that I am far more concerned that my students get the shot and ALWAYS put their needs first.
What level of photography experience do I have to have in order to attend one of your workshops?
It depends upon the workshop, so please check with the specific workshop you are interested. I especially love teaching beginner and intermediate photographers.
Do you provide travel insurance for your workshop participants?
I do NOT provide travel insurance as part of my workshop fees, but definitely recommend it. I highly recommend trip insurance that also includes travel health insurance. Travelex Insurance Services is a BBB Accredited business with an A+ rating (although note I have no personal experience with this company). The cost for travel insurance is typically 4-7% of the total trip cost, depending upon age and other variable factors.
What’s included in my tuition? Rooms, transportation, meals?
Tuition includes all lectures, fieldwork, guiding, classroom instruction and critiques of your digital files during our classroom sessions. Travel costs, lodging, entrance fees, and meals are not included in the cost of admission unless otherwise specified.
What should I bring with me to one of your workshops?
You will receive a workshop welcome kit before the start that will contain detailed information regarding the proper gear to bring with you.
What happens in bad weather?
I love weather of all sorts! Great photos can be found under some seemingly dreary skies. Many times we will be out in stormy weather, provided it’s not putting you or your equipment at risk. Great pictures can happen during fog, snow, rain and mist. If conditions are too extreme, we will find a location to wait out the weather. During this time, we can work on our images on our laptops while I assist you and give demonstrations.
Do you provide transportation?
I do not supply transportation for my workshops unless otherwise specified. I encourage participants to carpool once the program has begun, to minimize our impact on the environment and to facilitate parking. Please come expecting to share your car with others or to jump in and share someone else’s.
What is your cancellation policy?

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About Matt Suess

I am honored to be sponsored by OM SYSTEMS as an OM SYSTEM Ambassador

Even though I now shoot with Olympus full-time, it doesn't mean that you have to as well. I am quite experienced with many cameras (especially Canon, Nikon & Sony which I have shot with before) and all brands are welcome on my workshops 😊
Fine Art Photographer, OM SYSTEM Ambassador & Fotopro Ambassador

Photography has always been a huge part of my life starting at the age of 12 when I had my own black & white chemical darkroom. That early interest launched a full-time professional photography career that began in 1990 and continues today.

For the first 17 years of my career I was a photojournalist based in New England. I am a digital photography pioneer and began teaching digital photography to photojournalists in the late 90’s, helping bring digital cameras to two different newspapers. I was awarded the 2003 New England Press Associations Photographer of the Year award for my work at the Cape Cod Times. During my time as a photojournalist, I also photographed weddings & portraits, as well as corporate & commercial assignments.

In 2006 I decided to leave all of that behind and move West, where I am now a fine art landscape & nature photographer, educator, and publisher. In addition, I also accept select luxury resort & architectural photography assignments. 

I teach numerous field & classroom workshops throughout the year as well as online courses and I provide occasional free online webinars. You may have already seen my videos for software companies such as Skylum and ON1. My passion for sharing and teaching what I have learned during my long career is evident in my down-to-earth and encouraging approach with my students.

I am sponsored by OM SYSTEMS as an OM SYSTEM Ambassador. One does not need to shoot with Olympus gear though to take my workshops.

I am also a Fotopro Ambassador and you can purchase Fotopro tripods direct from me.

I live in Bozeman, Montana with my fiance and fine art painter Whitney Hall and our two blue heeler cattle dogs. 

You can find me online on Instagram and YouTube at @mattsuessphoto
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